Saturday 5th May 2018 - Young Observers

The next Young Observers meeting will be Saturday 5th May. Split times apply, so for the juniors (Novae) we will start at 6:30pm - 7:15pm (30 minute gap). The older juniors (Supernovae) will run from 7:45pm - 9pm.

Observing Jupiter
For our next Beginner’s Night we are going to take a look at observing Jupiter. Perhaps you think all there is to see is a couple of “lines” across it and some “stars” that are its moons? But there is so much more to the biggest planet in the solar system! Come along and learn why your sketches won’t look quite right if you use a circular template, what the names of the cloud features on Jupiter are (They have names? Yes, they do!), how to find the Great Red Spot, what’s happening to the Great Red Spot, why you can never have all four Galilean satellites lined up in order on the same side, and many more interesting facts and features that should make your 2018 Jovian observing season rich and rewarding.

Hope to see you there!
Jacquie and the Young Observers Team.