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MBO Young Observers: 7pm Saturday 16th January 2016

Hi all,

I hope everybody has had a great Christmas and New Year!  This is a quick email to inform families of the new timing of the Junior Meetings.  The first of the year will be on the 16th January and we will start at 7pm.  Following this meeting we will run on the first week of every month on a Saturday evening.  This will run along side the Deep Sky Section which will play a big part in what our Juniors will be out to accomplish in 2016.

As you know all junior members will be given a folder (please let me know if you do not have one.).  Our aim is to complete Perry's 100 objects list together as a team and become familiar with finding our way through the night sky as the year goes by.  On the nights that are not suitable for viewing we will run classes and talk about telescopes, astronomers, latest missions from space agencies around the world and much more!  If your junior has a topic they wish to talk about to the group please send me an email and we will arrange for them to get up and talk to the rest of the group.  On Saturday 16th Jan come along with your thinking caps and we will talk about all the subjects that interest you so we know what subjects throughout the year you want us to talk about.  

Every time we have viewing sessions it would be good to bring along these items if you have them:

  • Telescope (If you would like to bring your own but we do have the dobs)
  • Binoculars
  • Junior Folder along with note book and a pen
  • If possible a redlight head torch (you can buy a 2 pack @ Anaconda for around $12).
  • Warm clothing (It does get cold)

I look forward to an exciting year with the juniors and I would like to see our juniors begin to gain the knowledge so that we can get them involved with our Outreach Programs throughout the year.

See you all on the 16th January

Roslyn Gupta and the Junior Team for 2016
James Murray, Jacqueline Milner.