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Sunday 20th November 2016 - Radio Astronomy Group Working Bee

11am Sunday 20th November the MBO Radio Astronomy Group (RAG) will meet once more as part of the wider MBO working bee to work on our projects.   We'll be continuing to construct our Radio Jove receivers as well as work on the 21cm hydrogen line dishes and equipment.

If you'd like to come help out with the working bee beforehand your help will always be appreciated and that starts at 10am!


Sunday 16th October 2016 - Radio Astronomy Group Working Bee

As part of the October MBO Working Bee the Radio Astronomy Group will be meeting to progress projects; we have the following on our agenda:

  • Build Radio Jove kits
  • Do a site survey and design the dipole antennas needed for Radio Jove
  • Install the LNA's into the 21cm hydrogen line dishes and cable them up (weather permitting)

We will meet at 10am on Sunday 16th October at MBO - please note that Ray (the site manager) has requested we muck in on the normal tasks for the first hour before getting stuck into the RAG tasks.


Sunday 24th April 2016 - Radio Astronomy Group meeting

With a number of events coming up that could provide club promotional opportunities it's important for us to understand both our capabilities and the equipment options that we have at our disposal. Equally we also need to identity suitable projects for future activities.

The RAG will hold a meeting on April 24th at 2pm at the MBO club rooms to discuss these points, review the science works exhibition in order to identity any problems or improvements for future events, and identity available skills and intererests of our members.

I warmly invite any MBO members who may be interested in joining the RAG to come along and join the discussion.

If you are interested but unable to come along, please let me know at a club meeting or via the RAG email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

- Lindsay


Radio Astronomy Group - call for expressions of interest from members!

For a while a few of us have been talking about how we could return radio astronomy to MBO after its brief debut under Monash to record the impact of comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 into Jupiter in July 1994. Coincidentally, those of you who were at the MBO Open Day will know, we've been gifted a prototype "tile" of the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) radio telescope via the good offices of CAASTRO and Curtin University in WA which has the possibility of being returned to a functioning state.


So I'd like to hear from MBO members who are interested in working on this and other radio astronomy projects through a Radio Astronomy Group at MBO!

The idea is to be pretty ad-hoc whilst we work out what we have (and don't have) as part of the MWA tile and gather information on how it is meant to function.
If you are interested please contact the current RAG coordinator, Lindsay Stodden, at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.