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Sunday 8th July 2018 - Radio Astronomy Group Meeting

Next meeting: RAG "regular" meeting 10am Saturday 8th July

Ray will bring along his magnetometer project for us to finish building. Please bring soldering irons & solder if you have them! Depending on how many people attend and the weather we may also get to focus the second 21cm dish.

Status update

Our first attempt at listening to Jupiter was sadly unsuccessful as the software we were using has a crazy way of setting the time it uses for predictions and so we were 15 hours out. We've now resolved that! Sorry to those who came along.

Last Sunday 1st July was the "extra" meeting and we ran through the Radio Jupiter-Pro software and figured out why its predictions were so far out (you have to tell it both the timezone of the PC and the timezone for where you want the predictions for and it defaults to the east coast of the USA). We now have results that match those that Lindsay produces and match the Python software.

We've mapped out a set of upcoming Io-B events that are forecast and have requested to book the cabin for them. Next two we hope to observe in July are:

  • Tuesday 10th - 7:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Tuesday 17th - 8pm to 11pm

We also confirmed that neither the new NBN satellite link nor other equipment in the cabin seems to cause interference with the Radio Jove receivers.

Hope to see people next Sunday!

All the best,