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Sunday 10th June 2018 - Radio Astronomy Group Meeting

Hi MBO folks interested in radio astronomy!

NEXT MEETING: 10am 10th June at MBO.

The MBO Radio Astronomy Group (RAG) met on Sunday 13th May and worked  on trying to understand more about the 21cm receiver equipment we have and how exactly it works, and also to work on the radio jove project.

With the 21cm equipment we looked at the circuit diagrams and how the output from the receiver we have been using appears to come out before the interferometer stage.  The exact functioning of the interferometer stage itself is unclear, it does not appear to be tunable and so how it adapts to the red-shift of galactic sources is unclear. It has two outputs, a signal level and a phase angle.

With the radio jove project we now have two separate Jupiter emission software packages, one being the software for Windows that the Radio Jove people at NASA recommend and a more useful cross-platform script written in Python which, after reporting a bug with, produces results which correlate with the Windows package.

We also now have a better understanding of the emissions from Jupiter itself, there are at least 7 different types and it is one particular type associated with the moon Io which has the strongest signal.  The
condition of the Earths atmosphere also plays a large part in how easy it is to receive these signals.

It is also apparent that we need to do continuous monitoring of these signals to have a chance to detecting them, it is not enough to just turn it on and listen "just in case".  So we will need to acquire a USB audio interface for the Raspberry Pi 3 to fulfill this function.

Finally we have a new project to work on, we want to build and install magnetometers at MBO!  This is to monitor changes to the Earths magnetic field in response to geomagnetic storms.  It should also detect cars arriving and leaving, but they will have a very different type of signal.

Look forward to seeing people at the next meeting on 10th June!

All the best,