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Sunday 4th March 2018 - Radio Astronomy Group "Extra" Meeting

As an experiment RAG will be trialing meeting twice a month, with an extra meeting on the 1st Sunday of the month alongside the usual meeting on the 2nd Sunday.  The idea is to try and keep the momentum up and make more progress than we can just having one meeting a month.

The experiment starts this Sunday 4th March at 10am!

We'll carry on working on the 21cm hydrogen line equipment to try and narrow down the fault on the 'B' channel and I'll bring along my Raspberry Pi 3 with the SDR gear and see if there's a way to get it to record data over time from the SDR dongles.

I know it may not be possible for everyone to meet up twice a month, so I don't want people to feel obliged to do so if they can't.   It does mean though that if you can't make the 2nd Sunday but would like to come along on the 1st Sunday then you can.

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