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Sunday 21st December 2014 - Working Bee

We will be having a working bee at MBO at 10am on Sunday 21st December starting at 10am.

Details yet to be announced but there'll be plenty to do, especially with the fire season upon us.


Working Bee: 1pm Saturday 14th June 2014

This month's working bee is unusual in that it is on Saturday instead of Sunday.  This change was to give us two chances at reasonable weather, as our major job this month will be fencing works to allow the new driveway work to proceed.  Note that the starting time will be 1:00 PM.


Sunday 17th March 2014 - Working bee

We will be having a working bee at MBO at 10am on Saturday 17th March.   It will see Barry and Irena working on the library and Ken working on the telescopes. Anyone who would like to assist in these two tasks, is welcome, but all other tasks will be postponed until April, except for the mowing which will probably be done sometime in the next couple of weeks as there is little growth so far.


Sunday 19th January 2014 - Working bee!

Dear Members and Friends,

The working bee this coming Sunday from 10AM till 12:30PM is a very important one as we need to have everything spick and span for the annual Open Day on the following Saturday

There are no major maintenance jobs scheduled, but lots of cleaning and tidying, mowing, brushcutting etc.

Many hands make light work, so if you can spare a couple of hours, we would love to see you!