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Friday 21st August 2015 - World Record Stargazing at Emerald Secondary College

We are taking part in a world record stargazing attempt this coming Friday the 21st of August by running a participating event at Emerald Secondary College (in place of our regular members night).

Here is all you need to know to participate!

Pre-Registration (required to be counted as a stargazer)

To help with counting (and to ensure you will count) you need to register beforehand via Eventbrite. The event is free!

Registration link:

Arriving (before 7:30pm)

Please park in the ESC Carpark and meet for the viewing in front of the EPAC (Emerald Performing Arts Centre) building.

Guest Speaker (7:30pm-8:15pm)

To get proceedings underway we will be having Associate Professor Virginia Kilborn from Swinburne University to talk to us in EPAC from 7:30pm through to 8:15pm.

World Record Stargazing Signing-in and Setup (8:15pm to 8:30pm)

You will be guided from EPAC to the viewing area by stewards.

Please be there by 8:15 pm to sign in (and pick up telescopes if required).

World Record Stargazing Time (8:30pm-8:40pm)

  • Everyone must have their own instrument.  It can be either a telescope or binoculars.  There is no restriction on size or ownership (i.e. you can borrow one). We do have a limited number of free small souvenir telescopes for those that register first.

  • Everyone must be observing simultaneous for a minimum of 10 minutes. Please note this does not mean looking through a telescope the whole time but looking towards the sky.We will accordingly plan on the official time from 8:30 pm - 8:40 pm AEST

  • A loud start and finish signal recognised by all participants will be used. Two experienced timekeepers will time the attempt with stopwatches accurate to 0.01 seconds.

Site Requirements

  • We must have a minimum of 25 participants.  Sites with people less than that will not be counted. In the event of a huge turnout people will be allocated to groups of 50.
  • The event must take place in public places or in venues open to public inspection and take place in restricted areas with entrances and exits clearly marked and controlled.

Attendance and Documentation

  • Specific measures will be in place to ensure participants are not counted twice.

  • For every 50 participants there must be one designated steward (i.e. person counting)

  • Stewards must not come from MBO or Emerald Secondary College. Parents are acceptable (just not teachers or other officials).

If you have any further questions please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.