Saturday 24th January 2015 - MBO Open Day and Third Birthday Party!

Mount Burnett Observatory Inc will be 3 years old on Wednesday 21st January, so we will be celebrating on Saturday 24th with an open day and an evening BBQ, talk and celebration!

  • 1pm until 6pm will be the MBO annual open day - everyone is welcome to come and visit to see what we do and our facilities.
  • 6pm onwards will be our third birthday party, including...
  • 7pm a talk by Perry Vlahos about what there is to see in the coming months sky, and..
  • 8:30pm observing through the observatories telescopes (weather permitting)

During the day time we will have:

  • Tours of the observatory
  • A solar telescope for safe viewing of the sun (never look at the sun without proper protection, you will damage your eyes!)
  • Interactive activities
  • Astronomical videos and images
  • Historical photo displays about the observatory
  • ...and possibly a piece of the Murchison Widefield Array radio telescope!

Everyone is welcome and as an enticement anyone who has joined or rejoined by Saturday will be in the running for a great pair of Saxon 10x50 binoculars! :-)

Please note: MBO will always be closed on days of Severe, Extreme and Code Red fire ratings, please see the CFA website for that information.