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Frday 19th of April

Who let the Dobs out?

This week we’ve decided to try something totally different and get you observing in small teams, using all the available MBO Dobsonian telescopes, under the leadership of an experienced observer at each ‘scope. At this time of year there are many inspiring objects to observe including the unforgettable ringed-wonder Saturn, the magnificent globular cluster Omega Centauri, the inspiring bat-wings of the Orion Nebula, the beautifully coloured blue and orange stars of the double ‘h3945’, the superb piece of celestial jewellery known as the Jewel Box Cluster, and the stupefying glow of the Hamburger Galaxy.

You’ll be sure to see something that leave's a lasting impression.

A couple of short talks will begin the evening’s entertainment, followed by supper, before heading outside to view the sky. Members’ Night is on every Friday night and begins at 8pm, all are welcome. 


Friday 12th April

This Friday long-standing member Pavel Mirinov will outline plans for a new offering to members - deep sky observing. These sessions will take place regularly at or around new Moon. Come along and find out.

As always, members night starts at 8pm. Pavel's talk will be followed by supper and observing.

Visitors welcome.


Friday 5th April

This Friday's guest speaker will be Dr Rosemary Mardling ( ) of Monash University with a talk entitled

Extrasolar Planets: The state of the art -

It will be an overview of the exciting things being discovered by exoplanet scientists, how we do this, and what this tells us about our place in the Universe and our chances of discovering life outside the Solar System (if it exists!).

Rosemary is a great speaker and very passionate about astronomy. A night not to be missed.

After the talk there will be supper, to be followed by viewing the sky with the observatory’s telescopes.

As always, visitors are most welcome.


Good Friday

Good Friday will see MBO open as usual, and the Easter Bunny has promised to deliver chocolate Easter Eggs to all that attend! Furthermore, Perry Vlahos will be delivering an illustrated presentation on what can be observed in our autumnal skies. Find out which planets, stars, constellations, galaxies, nebulae and clusters will be visible over the next couple of months.

After the talk there will be supper, to be followed by viewing the sky with the observatory’s telescopes. Targets will include Saturn, the Moon and the Orion Nebula, amongst others.

Members’ Night is on every Friday commencing at 8pm – visitors are welcome.