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Friday 1st June

Dear Members and friends,
This Friday we will have a talk from Steve Roberts entitled "The Moon Hoax - An illustrated, light-hearted, but scientific rundown of the evidence which proves, despite a popular belief to the contrary, that the Moon Landings of 1969-1972 actually happened".

The weather forecast is for rain, so please drive carefully and slowly into the carpark. Also, please consider the neighbours and drive in using low beam only, or better still, parking lights.

Members' Night is on every Friday commencing at 8PM. Visitors are always welcome.


Friday the 24th of May

This Friday sees the return of our incredibly popular viewing nights. The telescopes will be out in force (and the weather forecast looks good) so bring your woollen hat and gloves and enjoy a tour of the autumn sky.


Friday the 17th of May

What an exciting couple of weeks! The annular eclipse last Friday, Eurovision over the weekend, but we are over the Moon to be able to announce a special offering this Friday at Mount Burnett.

We will be showing the last ever interview given on camera by Neil Armstrong. He's the most reclusive of all the astronauts that walked on the moon (he turned down a request to appear on the excellent feature length documentary "In The Shadow of the Moon"), but we're happy to bring to MBO this 45 minute interview in his own words about his upbringing, his time flying in the Korean War, astronaut training, the Apollo missions, and what it was like to stand on the moon. Fascinating stuff! But, best of all he'll take you on a ride over the moon's surface as seen from the window of 'The Eagle' (lunar-lander module) to once and for all prove there is no doubt we went to the moon. Don't miss it, whatever you do.

The interview will be followed by supper and viewing through the MBO
telescopes. Rumors that our president will sing "Partial eclipse of my heart" in astronomical tribute to Britain's entry to the Eurovision song contest are unfounded.

Members' Night is on every Friday night commencing at 8pm. First time visitors are always welcome.


Friday 26th April

Autumn is open cluster round-up time in our skies and Perry Vlahos will give us an illustrated presentation on where the best ones live and how to find them in our skies. This will be followed by a practical demonstration with laser pointer in the real sky and then all the MBO telescopes will be trained on them, to see what all the fuss is about. You’ve heard of some of them before like the Jewel Box and the Pleiades, but what about the Snail Shell Cluster, the Pincushion, the Pyramid, the Winklepicker and the Beehive?! All these plus more will be explored with our telescopes; forget the reruns of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, get off of the couch and get to MBO, because astronomers know everybody really loves clusters! Oh and bonus points for spotting the fake cluster.


As always, supper is provided and everybody is welcome. Members’ Night is on every Friday commencing at 8pm