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Friday 22nd of November

The third Annual General Meeting of Mount Burnett Observatory inc. will be held at the Observatory clubhouse (430 Paternoster Road) on Friday the 22nd of November at 7:30 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to receive annual reports and vote on a new committee. The meeting will be followed by very special guest speaker Dr Alan Duffy. Dr Duffy will be speaking on "Dark Matter".

So come along, celebrate and have your say over a very successful year for Mount Burnett Observatory. Membership forms for 2014 will be available and people can pay their 2014 memberships on the night.



Friday 25th October

This week we have a guest speaker, Dr Jeffrey Cooke presenting a talk entitled “Super” Supernovae and the Search for the First Stars.

In this talk, Dr Jeffrey Cooke will take you back to a time shortly after the Big Bang when the first stars emerged from the darkness. Many of these stars were much more massive than our Sun and ended their short lives as extraordinarily brilliant supernova explosions. Using new techniques, we are now able to detect explosions that occurred more than 12 billion years ago and are hot on the trail of the bright deaths of the first stars.

Following the talk we will have supper, then viewing through our telescopes (weather and big bang permitting).

Upcoming Events 


SAT 26 @ 7:30PM Outreach, James Murray – Lilydale Cubs


FRI 01 @ 8PM Understanding the Universe, Lecture #24 by Alex Filipenko plus Q&A compered by Ray Schmidt, followed by Deep Sky Viewing (after supper).

A Better Set Of Eyes - This lecture looks at radio telescopes, adaptive optics for ground-based infrared telescopes, and NASA's Great Observatories, which include the Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra X-Ray Observatory, and Spitzer Space Telescope.

FRI 01 @ 10PM Deep Sky Viewing – Pavel Mironov and Marek Dobieckiusing the main 18” observatory telescope

FRI 08 @ 8PM Sky for the Month – Perry Vlahos

SAT 09 Young Observers, James Murray

FRI 15 @ 8PM Learning Friday – James Murray entitled “Tech Nerds”

SUN 17 @ 10AM Monthly Working Bee – Gordon Livingstone/Ray Schmidt

FRI 22 @ 8PM AGM and Guest Speaker, Alan Duffy (details later) 

FRI 29 @ 8PM Learning Friday with Barry Cleland


FRI 06 @ 8PM Sky for the Month – Perry Vlahos

FRI 13 @ 8PM Understanding the Universe, Lecture #25 by Alex Filipenko plus Q&A compered by (TBA)

SUN 15 @ 10AM Monthly Working Bee – Gordon Livingstone/Ray Schmidt

FRI 20 @ 8PM “End of the World” with Perry Vlahos plus MBO Christmas Party


Friday 11th October

This week is our monthly "Discovering the Universe" Friday where we watch an episode of the Alex Filipenko series followed by a general discussion on what we have seen, facilitated by one of our members. This week's lecture is #23 entitled " Modern Telescopes – Today's telescopes are designed to provide huge light-gathering mirrors at relatively low cost. The mirrors focus light from distant objects onto sensitive electronic detectors that are far more efficient than traditional photographic film".

Following the talk we will have supper, then viewing through our telescopes (weather permitting).


Friday 4th October

This Friday Dr Russell Cockman will be giving a talk entitled "Sky Art – Vistas of the Night Sky".
Synopsis: Dr Russell Cockman has been an avid astronomical observer and photographer for many years. In this talk he will present a selection of images taken with film and, more recently, CCD cameras to highlight the beauty and colours of the heavens. Subjects will include aurorae, solar system objects and conjunctions, and deep sky objects including nebulae, Milky Way star fields and galaxies.

As the carpark is likely to be VERY muddy with all the rain lately, we will probably have to park along the East wall of the dam. If so, there will be bollards blocking the driveway. Please drive in and out of the parking spots very gently to avoid damaging this section.

Following the talk we will have supper, then viewing through our telescopes (weather permitting).
Please consider the neighbours and drive in quietly using low beam only, or better still, parking lights.