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Good Friday

Good Friday will see MBO open as usual, and the Easter Bunny has promised to deliver chocolate Easter Eggs to all that attend! Furthermore, Perry Vlahos will be delivering an illustrated presentation on what can be observed in our autumnal skies. Find out which planets, stars, constellations, galaxies, nebulae and clusters will be visible over the next couple of months.

After the talk there will be supper, to be followed by viewing the sky with the observatory’s telescopes. Targets will include Saturn, the Moon and the Orion Nebula, amongst others.

Members’ Night is on every Friday commencing at 8pm – visitors are welcome.


Friday 22nd March

This Friday we are very lucky to be able to host Professor Andrew Prentice from Monash University who will be speaking on "Insights into the formation of our Solar System gained from the Messenger, Dawn and Cassini-Huygens space missions". This is a real treat so arrive early to guarantee a seat.

As always the talk will be followed by supper and viewing through the Observatory telescopes. 


Friday 15th March 2013

This Friday, Chris Rudge (of the Astronomical Society of Victoria) will be giving a talk that he has prepared and given to the ASV Juniors recently entitled "Our Backyard, Astronomically Speaking - Distances, Sizes and Speeds in the Universe"  Chris will also talk to us about how he runs the very successful Junior Section for the ASV.

Supper will follow the talk and then there will be viewing through the MBO's telescopes.

As always, visitors are most welcome.


Friday 8th March

For our weekly Members’ Night this Friday, Perry Vlahos will be making a non-technical presentation about the ‘Great Comets’ that have appeared through the ages and will include many images of them. This evening will also be the last good chance to observe Comet PANSTARRS before we lose it to the northern hemisphere, as well as Comet Lemmon.

As always, there will be supper provided and viewing through the telescopes afterwards.

Members’ Night is on every Friday night at MBO commencing from 8pm. Visitors are welcome.