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Friday 4th October

This Friday Dr Russell Cockman will be giving a talk entitled "Sky Art – Vistas of the Night Sky".
Synopsis: Dr Russell Cockman has been an avid astronomical observer and photographer for many years. In this talk he will present a selection of images taken with film and, more recently, CCD cameras to highlight the beauty and colours of the heavens. Subjects will include aurorae, solar system objects and conjunctions, and deep sky objects including nebulae, Milky Way star fields and galaxies.

As the carpark is likely to be VERY muddy with all the rain lately, we will probably have to park along the East wall of the dam. If so, there will be bollards blocking the driveway. Please drive in and out of the parking spots very gently to avoid damaging this section.

Following the talk we will have supper, then viewing through our telescopes (weather permitting).
Please consider the neighbours and drive in quietly using low beam only, or better still, parking lights.


Friday 6th September

This week we will have our regular "Sky for the Month" talk by Perry Vlahos followed by supper then viewing through our telescopes (weather permitting).

The sparkling weather has dried out the car-park but please exercise caution entering and leaving.


Friday 30th August

This Friday will be an "Open Forum" night where questions relating to Astronomy and Cosmology can be asked (and perhaps answered, to the best of our abilities). Also, if you have any questions about your telescope or any other allied equipment, or need help getting it to work, bring it along.

After the forum and supper, we will use our telescopes, weather permitting.

Members nights start at 8pm every Friday at Mount Burnett. If you want to receive regular email notification of our events email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or follow us on twitter @MBObservatory or Facebook.


Friday 23rd August

This week will be a follow on from a recent talk on John Dobson, presented by our very own dynamic duo Ken Beard and Barry Cleland. John Dobson is most notable for being the promoter of a design for a large, portable, low-cost Newtonian telescope that bears his name, and for his avid promotion of "Sidewalk Astronomy", the bringing of astronomy "to the people". MBO have a number of these telescopes, and after the talk and supper (weather permitting), we will use them to observe the heavens.