Friday 31st August 2018 - Chris Samuel - MBO Radio Astronomy Group (RAG) update

8pm Friday 31st August we have our own Chris Samuel talking to us about the MBO RAG!

The MBO Radio Astronomy Group has been going for a while now, but what have we actually been doing all this time?   Where are we up to now?  What happens  next?   Where shall we have lunch?   OK, maybe not the last question.

If you're curious to hear what RAG has been up to and what's happening with  the untidy pile of boxes, cables and computers on the rack in the corner of  the log cabin then come along this Friday night at 8pm to find out.

Members' Night is on every Friday night. Guests of members are always welcome. Contributions of food to share for supper are always gratefully received and demolished! :-)

Please consider the neighbours and drive in and out quietly using low beam only, or better still, parking lights.

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