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Friday 13th July 2018 - Two Astronomy Video Lectures

At 8pm this Friday we have two different science videos for our regular members night:

Neil deGrasse Tyson - The Inexplicable Universe, Unsolved Mysteries, Ep 1 - History's Mysteries. Science history is filled with puzzling mysteries that were only solved with modern science's focus on experimentation instead of thought. Here, take a closer look at concepts that were once unexplainable but, thanks to modern physics, are now better understood. You'll focus on two such former mysteries: the existence of an invisible "aether" through which light and sound were believed to travel, and the orbit of Mercury which seemed (to earlier scientists) to violate Newton's fundamental laws of motion.

A brief supper, followed by two parallel streams of either:

Alex Filippenko: Understanding the Universe, Ep 86 - The Stuff of the Cosmos.  The dark energy that is causing the expansion of the Universe to accelerate makes up about 75% of the cosmos. Ordinary matter glowing at any wavelength, optical or otherwise, accounts for less than 5%. The remainder is dark matter, most of which may consist of exotic subatomic particles.

Supper, discussions in cabin, observing.   Or:

Visual observing through the telescopes (weather permitting).

If you have a telescope and would like to know how to use it, or alternatively, would like to show it off to us, please bring it along.

Members' Night is on every Friday night commencing at 8PM sharp (doors open 7:30PM). Guests are always welcome.

Please consider the neighbours and drive in and out quietly using low beam only, or better still, parking lights.

Please note: MBO will always be closed on days of Severe, Extreme and Code Red fire ratings, please see the CFA website for up-to-date information.

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