Friday 29th June 2018 - Adam Carey - Population, Growth and The Lighting Creep

8pm Friday 29th June 2018 we have a guest speaker in the form of Adam Carey who will be talking about "Population, Growth and The Lighting Creep" and the astronomers nemesis, light pollution.

As Victoria heads towards a growing population of 5 million people and associated infrastructure, there needs to be a radical rethink on how cities plan their public lighting infrastructure and the lighting creep.

Adam Carey MIES, Director for Standards and Advocacy for the Illuminating Engineering Society and Director ELUMENARTi, Member for the International Dark Sky Association and MBO will present and show how urban lighting can be reimagined, how to plan for public lighting and how we can achieve both functional safe lighting where it needs to be and how we can see the stars again.

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