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Friday 9th March 2018 - Dr Duane Hamacher - Variable stars: their history and observation

8pm Friday 9th March we have our own Dr Duane Hamacher talking to us about "Variable stars: their history and observation":

Variable stars are one of the most popular targets of amateur astronomical research. But what are variable stars? What is the history of variable star observations? From ancient Egypt and Aboriginal Australia to modern scientific observations, variable stars continue to fascinate observers - both amateur and professional. What are the various types of variable stars? But what can we actually see with the naked eye? Do you think you could identify the different types of variable stars from their light curves alone? This talk will explore these topics, teach you how to identify basic variable star types, and how to distinguish them from transiting exoplanets.

Dr Duane Hamacher is an MBO member, Senior Research Fellow at Monash University, and a lifelong astronomy advocate. After earning a degree in physics in the US, he completed a Masters degree by research in astrophysics at UNSW studying variable stars and transiting exoplanets. He then earned a PhD studying Australian Indigenous astronomical knowledge. Much of his work has been on the subject of variable stars - from observational searches for exoplanets at Siding Spring Observatory, to descriptions of pulsating variables and supernovae in Indigenous traditions.

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