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Friday 9th February 2018 - Guest Speaker: Barry Gilbert & Astronomy Video

8pm Friday 9th February we have a guest speaker from NSW, Barry Gilbert, coming to speak to us:

Barry Gilbert is a member of TRAC (Tamworth Regional Astronomy Club), and Armadale and Newcastle Astronomy Clubs. Barry's talk will cover a number of fields including radio astronomy, and a very large Schmidt Camera they have recently commissioned, plus other astronomical topics

Barry's talk will be followed by a brief supper, followed by two parallel streams of either:

Alex Filippenko: Understanding the Universe, Ep 83 - Einstein's Biggest Blunder?  The unexpected finding that the Universe is expanding at an ever-faster rate lends support for the existance of a non-zero cosmological constant, a formerly discredited idea of Einstein's, which he once called "his biggest blunder".

Supper, discussions in cabin, observing.   Or:

Visual observing through the telescopes (weather permitting).

Members' Night is on every Friday night commencing at 8PM sharp (doors open 7:30PM). Guests are always welcome.

Please consider the neighbours and drive in and out quietly using low beam only, or better still, parking lights.

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