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Friday 8th December 2017 - Dr Chris Flynn on "Fast Radio Bursts"

8pm Friday 8th December we have Dr Chris Flynn from Swinburne University of Technology talking to us about "Fast Radio Bursts"

The UTMOST project is an upgrade of the Molonglo Radio Synthesis Telescope, sited near Bungendore in NSW, and the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere. By installing new electronics and a bank of GPUs - also known as video game cards - we have vastly increased its sensitivity and sky coverage -- all in order to solve the mystery of Fast Radio Bursts. FRBs are bright, very short (a few millisecond) bursts of energy at radio wavelengths the origin of which is unknown. If they are produced in events billions of light years away, as we think, they will allow us to measure the mass of the Universe! No FRB has been seen at other than radio wavelengths, and finding host galaxies for a FRBs remains a major challenge, to which UTMOST could be the key.

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