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Friday 7th April 2017 - Sky For The Month with Perry Vlahos

8pm Friday 7th April we have Perry Vlahos to show us what's in the sky this April!

The king of the planets, Jupiter, has returned to our skies and we're very near opposition, making it a perfect time to view this gas giant with naked eye, binoculars and telescopes. Perry Vlahos will give the "Sky for the Month" presentation this week telling you the best times to view Jove, as well as some of the highlights of this apparition. Have you seen Jupiter with only two moons or the Galilean moons all in a straight line on one side of Jupiter? Or an eclipse by a moon crossing the disk of the planet and casting a perfect black shadow on the surface of the mighty planet? You'll find out when all of this is happening and just what 'opposition' actually means, as well as looking through the MBO telescopes. Don't miss this always entertaining and educational presentation, which will also include other highlights worth viewing in the April skies.

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