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Monthly Calendar of Events

Mount Burnett Observatory is pleased to announce the revamp of our Members and Visitors Night Schedule. From now on we will be working to a monthly schedule:

Sky for the Month (first Friday)

Our president Perry Vlahos introduces the night sky for the month.

Learning Friday (second Friday)

A session focused on teaching different aspects of astronomy and astrophysics. Lead by Barry, Gordon and James.

Open Skies (third Friday)

An opportunity to meet other MBO members or hop straight into observing with our portable telescopes or even bring your own.

Visiting speaker (fourth Friday)

Subject to speaker availability, the fourth Friday of the month will focus on a talk by a visiting astronomer. If speakers are only available on other dates we will alter the calendar to fit them in.

Techno Friday (fifth Friday)

On months with five Fridays the fifth meeting will be devoted to the more technical aspects of astronomy. To be lead by Ken and Ray.


Astro Fest

Mount Burnett Observatory, in partnership with CAASTRO (the ARC Centre for Excellence for All Sky Astrophysics) and Scientists in Schools recently held our first Astrofest. Over two days 530 students from five local primary schools visited the telescope to be taught by some of Australia's brightest young astronomical talent (courtesy of Melbourne and Swinburne Universities), whilst in school activities happened for students at Emerald Secondary College.

Mount Burnett would like to particularly acknowledge the support and sponsorship of CAASTRO without whom the event would not have been possible and the volunteers who ensured the event was fun for everybody.


Friday 8th February

This Friday for our weekly Members' Night, Steve Roberts from the MBO will be giving a presentation titled "The Moon".  Following this we will be aiming our telescopes at Comet Lemmon. This new comet has unexpectedly brightened and is now perfectly placed for observation in the Southern Sky. As it begins to brighten and develop its tail, we want to share it with you.  Don't miss it!

If you have not yet renewed your membership, this will be the ideal time to do so.

Our schedule for upcoming speakers is filling up fast:

Feb 15 - Loren Bruns - Melbourne Uni - TBA
Feb 22 - Alex Cherney - Astrophotography
Mar 1 - Ken LeMarquand - ASV - ASV New Astronomers Group
Mar 8 - Perry Vlahos - MBO - TBA
Mar 15 - Chris Rudge - ASV - ASV Junior Section
Mar 22 - Andrew Prentice - Monash Uni - Formation of the Solar System


Friday 18th January

This Friday night is MBO Q & A. Members can ask/discuss any questions of an astronomical or MBO nature. This will be followed by the next Fillipenko lecture. As always there will be supper and observing with the Observatory's portable telescopes.

Members' night begins each Friday night at 8pm. Visitors welcome. Members are reminded that subscriptions can be renewed on the night.

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