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Presidents Message: A new project for a new dome!

Dear Mount Burnetterongs,

This week we are embarking on what will be our most exciting and ambitious project since our launch four years ago. We are planning on building a new dome! For some time now it has been clear that the “chook shed”, home of our second permanently mounted telescope, is not fit for purpose. When there are more than just a very few people around the low rails in the chook shed can become a hazard. Our goal is to replace the chook shed and the telescope inside with a modern dome and Go-To telescope suitable for advanced viewing projects.

I am calling on all members who can support the project to let me know via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking particularly for anybody with experience laying concrete, and any licensed electricians to advise us on requirements. We are also looking for fundraising support.

A new dome and telescope will greatly expand the range of astronomical projects we can tackle at MBO, and also provide a more accessible and safe place for members and guests to view the skies. So if you would like to be part of this exciting journey let me know. More details will follow over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Donations in support of the new dome can be made by direct bank transfer (EFT) to

  • Account name: Mount Burnett Observatory
  • BSB:633000
  • Acct no: 143733558

Upcoming fund raising activities:

Previous fund raising activities:


Voting Opens for IAU NameExoWorlds Competition

Good news, the International Astronomical Union has opened voting for their NameExoWorlds competition that MBO is participating in, having solicited suggestions from members of the public as part of National Science Week 2014.

In June Mount Burnett Observatory selected the names "Ezu" and "Heroicos" from those suggestions as its submission to the competition for the star xi Aquilae and its exoplanet xi Aquilae b, and you can vote for them (if you wish to do so!).

xi Aquilae b


Presidents Message: An important message about the car park

Dear Mount Burnettichi
Winter is not just coming, it has arrived in its full splendour. At Mount Burnett that means cold nights and lots of rain. Rain means boggy car parking. This makes it a good time to discuss access to MBO.
If the gate is closed then MBO is closed.
For the sake of safety ONLY COMMITTEE MEMBERS AND OUTREACH TEAM LEADERS are permitted to open the gate. During the winter months we want to check the state of the car park before members and visitors arrive. Bollards and tape will be put up around boggy areas so please leave them in place should you see them. If you arrive early for a session please be patient and wait at the gate.
Those of you who have been members from the beginning will remember how rapidly the car park deteriorated that first winter, leading to closure of Mount Burnett for several weeks. Rather than repeat that occurrence we ask everybody’s patience and assistance.
Yours in wellies,