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Friday 28th November 2014 - AGM (7pm) and Daniel Armstrong "Art and the Cosmos" (8pm)

You are invited to attend and participate in the fourth Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Mount Burnett Observatory Inc. which will be held at the Observatory at 7pm on Friday 28th of November 2014.

Mount Burnett Observatory was formed on July the 11th 2011, and incorporated on the 22nd of July. But perhaps our real birthday is December the 1st, 2011 when the lease on the observatory land was signed. Since then, the telescopes have been restored, the association has grown to over 150 members.  The growth and success of Mount Burnett has been so dramatic that we feel it is of great benefit for members to attend the AGM in order to contribute their valuable insight as to our future direction.

We have provision for a number of members to be elected to committee and so as to best take advantage of the skills and enthusiasm of the membership we encourage you to join.

As a member of MBO, you are entitled to:

  • Nominate to be a member of the Observatory committee of management,
  • Participate in the AGM by voting on committee positions and on other motions.
  • If you are unable to attend, nominate a proxy to express opinions on your behalf.

The Mount Burnett Observatory committee of management (CoM) consists of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Ordinary committee members (as elected at the AGM)

Voting: You must be a financial member, over the age of 15 and have filled in a Membership Application Form to be eligible to vote. Proxy votes will be permitted with this Proxy Voting Form (PDF).  Proxies must be sent to the MBO Membership Secretary (Dianne Luc), PO Box 718, Emerald, VIC 3782 and be received at least 7 days before the AGM (by 7pm on Friday the 21st of November 2014).

Nominations: Nominations for committee positions are accepted up until one week before the AGM, closing on the 21st November 2014.  To nominate please use this Nomination Form (PDF). The nomination must be signed by two financial members and then sent to the MBO Membership Secretary (Dianne Luc), PO Box 718, Emerald, VIC 3782.


Date:  28th November 2014
Venue:  MBO clubrooms , 420 Paternoster Road Mt. Burnett

1 Welcome and Apologies
2 Ordinary Business
2.1 Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2013 AGM (PDF)
3 Annual Report
3.1 Presentation of the President’s Report
3.2 Outreach Report
4 Financial Statements
4.1 Treasurers Report
5 Election of Committee Members
5.1 Executive committee members
5.2 Motion to determine number of Ordinary members
5.3 Ordinary committee members
6 2014 Membership fees
6.1 2014 Membership Fees and Categories
7 Questions Arising from the AGM

After the AGM will be our normal Members' Night starting at 8pm with Guest Speaker Daniel Armstrong of Deakin University talking about "Art and the Cosmos".

The presentation will basically cover three areas:

    • An overview regarding relationships between Art and Science and in particular that of Astronomy and Art. What are some of the ways in which we might consider these two activities  relating to each other?
    • An over view of Daniel's creative practice and PhD research into the intersections of astronomy and art.
    • Some discussion about a unit titled, New Worlds: Intersections of Art and Science, which is offered to 3rd year photography and art students in the Creative Arts undergraduate program   at Deakin University. Over the last two years students in enrolled in New Worlds have been visiting the Mount Burnett Observatory as part of their studies and we will have a chance to see some of the artistic works which have been inspired by these visits.

Following the talk and supper, there will be viewing through the MBO telescopes (weather permitting). If you have a telescope and would like to know how to use it, or alternatively, would like to show it off to us, please bring it along.

Members' Night is on every Friday night commencing at 8PM (doors open 7:30PM). Guests are always welcome.

Please consider the neighbours and drive in and out quietly using low beam only, or better still, parking lights.

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